The cars burn up into little twisted bits. The smoke rides into the sky on whisps of cool and hot air. The ash flutters around like gray snowflakes. These fractions of the universe are impossible to explain. Blood for blood, an eye for an eye. The people in my back alley still smoke drink and yell about even more trivial things.
When my mind craves greater things than I can achieve. When it's overloaded with large and small things. When I find myself praying again. I know it's time to leave. No one is meant to put up with what we do in society today. These minds and bodies developed through smaller changes, and greater purposes. People are strange and seemingly always bickering. Crying, screaming, or dreaming.
I sulk and I sink into the couch where some with easier conscience than me can drown themselves in the light of the t.v. Its hard to pay attention when your eyes don't want to see anything. Stimulation is key.
Left yo right yo left yo left your right your left right left yo left yo right now pick up the step your left yo right yo leyieeft

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