waking up to being someone

The demons of Clark street came in a fury. The tides that pull the forces of the planets around must have been disrupted, or the power of the spirit flows in giant powerful beams, and one hit us. Maybe they came from the earth, because you could feel it in the ground. There was a bitterness in the air and everyone tasted metal when they swallowed. Some things people will never believe, until it happens to them.
Raoul Sanchez was a mechanic on Clark street. He was born and raised there, had a house and five children. Raoul would not call himself a holy man. He might say he was superstitious. His mind thought analytically, which intrinsically made him apt to disbelieve in the supernatural. Until his family was attacked by demons.
They fled into the street for the festival and were ready to party. People were drinking, and eating the best of the areas cuisine. Raoul was getting Italian ice for his sons when the demon made it's move. Raoul's stare was caught right behind a woman in a bath robe and slippers. The space behind her was distorted, as a glass figure slid into her body. Raoul felt a shiver and dropped one of the cups of ice. He looked down at it then up to the woman quickly to catch her staring straight at him. Her eyes were the color of lions in the sun. Her mouth drew down to a scowl, she was showing teeth and stretching her shaking hands out. Raoul turned and started walking towards his children. He could feel her staring at him and started walking faster.
His wife and children were not where he had left them. He looked around the crowd shading his eyes with a cup of the ice, the white spoon contrasting the sky, sun glistening through shards of strains of hydrogen molecules. He caught her out of a corner of his eye and saw she was quickly on his trail. He didn't feel good. He was starting to sweat and his adrenaline pump, he didn't want to stir himself up over nothing, but that shit was weird. Raoul thought he saw one of his children up ahead but a crowd of blocked his view. He yelled Victor's name, which was his youngest son. He heard a noise behind him of people shuffling and some guy saying "watch where your going, jesus!" Raoul's hands went numb, and he was seeing specks of light all around, he thought it was a hell of a time to have heat stroke. His head was pounding and drowning out the growing noises of warning behind him. He dropped the ice on his head and looked to the sky with fluttering eyes. He couldn't help but drop to his knees. Kneeling there he felt like he might die immediately when his hat started to glow. He felt like water that has suddenly been calmed. He rose to his feet.
The screams crept in and he turned to see the woman that was following him, who had hit a growth spurt within the last three minutes, knocking a group of people down by smacking them in the face with her elbow, which was now the size of a regulation softball. People were dashing out of the way of the woman who had grown to the size of a football player on steroids and growth hormone. Her robe was tight raising her arms up and she could no longer keep it closed. The exposed undergarments where ripping apart from rapid growth. She started running toward Raoul.
He felt the energy coming at him like pebbles from a shotgun. She leaped into the air coming down on Raoul, and slamming him to the ground putting pressure on his chest. There was no sound. Everything was still. Everything was dark. Raoul had no breath left and his chest hurt badly. He could not imagine taking another breath. The woman pushed down on him while screaming deep rough tones. Six people around them dropped to the ground, unconscious. Cutting through the blazing hot road, Raoul felt himself sinking into cool earth. Energy pulsated through his body, and he sucked in the best gulp of oxygen he had ever had. Two men tried to grab the woman, she twisted one of the men's arm until bone was sliding up against the underlayer of his flesh. The other man pulled him away screaming.
Raoul shifted his weight and grabbed the girls hand. It was hot, but he kept his grip. She turned and made a slash for his throat, missing and hitting his shoulder, where blood started to soak into the fabric of his shirt. The band came on. Raoul had gotten an advantage of putting her off balance and startling her and he pushed her toward the ground. He held her arms out, miraculously overpowering her. He looked into the burning and flickering of her eyes. She didn't look human.
He felt a tingly tickly feeling coming up from his groin to his throat, his tounge felt like he licked a battery. The woman started shaking and Raoul could tell she was losing power. He started making a noise deep in his diagphram. The sound of a thousand doors opening came out of his throat and the woman went lifeless. The ground around her distorted and faded away.
Raoul got off of her and the people crowded around started praying and looking at Raoul as if he had just conquored a dragon. He looked at them standing there waiting for something, some kind of peace. They all felt they had experienced something unique, and Raoul could tell. He waited and searched his mind hoping something would come up, but all he could hear was the music playing. To the people he said nothing. He turned toward the sound and walked. The people started talking, and the woman shrunk in size. The paramedics came and took her away, the security officers handcuffed her to the railing as they took her away. The people stayed and felt amazed by the evening. Raoul danced like a hero, and rejoiced in survival, he loved being there with his family.
The people in the crowd went home that night in awe. They pullout out thier phones, cameras, and handheld video cameras in hopes they had cought the whole thing. As they checked through the tape it got distorted and the immage blurred beyond recognition. Some of the distortion lasted for entire videos. Pictures were unrecognizable. The people there never forgot what had transpired, and regarded Raoul as a conquerer of evil. Some things people will never believe, until it happens to them.


  1. nice. can't wait to see the video!

  2. It's true Matty, we never believe until it happens to us