As the happier of man

I diddle in this, dabble in that, sketch and skew, spin and sew, and shit on everything that I do. Scantily clad, gawkily bad, dangerously down, damper and disgusted, my give a damn is busted.
Part of us, a piece of me, I burn a house, plant a tree, volunteer, charge a fee, nothing here is ever free. I Part the waves, flood the gate, miss the bus, always late, gone downhill, in a tizzy, this weak booze makes me dizzy. I pop a pill, do a line, smoke a splif, and take my time, I get up and up until I come down, by that time no ones around. I scratch and bleed, I tear and gouge, I rage and break, I scream it out loud. I hate and I die, I live and I lie, I waste and I sigh, I just can't get by. I bitch and I moan, I'm sappy and I cry, I'm jealous and greedy, God I'm so fucking needy. I'm broke and I spend, I'm out of control, I'm wandering nowhere, nowhere left to go.

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