Notes From A Blood Stained Coloring Book continued

Sick men have been coming to the house. They bang on the door and beg for help. Mom and grandma get scared. Dad makes them keep a tire iron by the door now. He says I have to be brave because when he's not around I'm the man of the house and I can't be scared. I'm not scared I told him so he knows. Grandma brought out a tape player she had in the basement today. Her and mom listened to Elvis tapes while I played. The music sounded good. I danced and made them laugh. Then I rolled around in front of the window pretending I was in the sun.
My birthday is in 12 days. Dad said he's going to bring me something great since I can't play my video game anymore, now that the power is out. I hope it's a trampoline, one that can fit in the house. I could do flips and make my own circus show. I hope the flu ends soon, maybe for my birthday it will stop. Then we can all go out and swim, and dad can cook hot dogs and cheeseburgers. I want a cheeseburger on the grill so bad! Oh and cake with ice cream, I hope Dad brings some home.
Last night I heard mom crying. Dad and her were talking, and she is sad. We heard booms outside. I looked and I saw a fire somewhere pretty far. The glow lit up and it reminded me of halloween bonfires. I wondered if people in masks were crowded around on stumps roasting marshmallows and telling stories. I miss the outside.

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