Shaky Memories

Sometimes we drink
and we fall
we reach for anything to hold onto
but we only succeed in pulling ourselves down
into a place or a time where we never wanted to get to
we are weak
these bodies just don't know
these brains can't conceive
so pray you say
oh yes yes that's the ticket
the key to my salvation
is under the guilty blanket of sin

Our Father
that space between knowing and not
who art in heaven
is filled with the reflection of our grand desires
hallowed be thy name
self love and the ego
when kingdom come
disneyfied versions of death
thy will be done
absolute control freaks
on earth as it is in heaven
painstaking moments of regret and knowledge that karma has a plan

Don't give me bread I'm gluten free m'lord
can't trespass now everyone has electric fences
Violators will be towed
The lights go out, didn't pay the bill
everything is temporary
Amino Acids
Complex protein


  1. I love that shot, did you take it?

  2. no, i wish, i've been photobucket fishing

  3. Hey Matt,
    Well it goes great with your writing. I think I've ended up just like the gal in the photo, Jack Daniels never lets me down lol!